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We apply airbrush tanning by hand, which prevents any streaking or over spraying that is common
with spray tan booths.

The color is custom blended for your skin tone, so there is no need to worry about "being orange".

It contains no strong scent and will not damage your skin.

Keep that truely safe tan year round or have it applied for special events or vacation.

Your airbrush tan lasts 5 to 10 days and fades evenly as you shower.


Full Body Tan ......................................................................$40



Pre-Tan Preparation


Exfoliate your skin the night before to promote even coverage and lengthen the duration of your tan by removing dead skin that would otherwise flake off. Do not injure the skin by overdoing it.

Wax a minimum of 24 hours before your tanning appointment or shave 8 hours before or after post tanning shower. Use a sharp, clean razor with a lubricating product such as hair conditioner, which should be rinsed off.

Remove make-up, moisturizer & deodorant which act as a barrier to the bronzer and prevent the process from working properly.

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and undergarments to your appointment. The cosmetic bronzer may rub off on fabrics and may stain nylons, lycra and silks.

If you are pregnant, please get your doctor's permission before you schedule an appointment and bring a doctor's note with you.

If you are allergic to nuts, check with your doctor before scheduling your appointment. Walnut shells are used in the bronzer.


Post-Tan Maintenance


Wait at least 8–12 hours before washing.

Apply moisturizer morning and evening after your "post-tan shower". Avoid applying highly fragranced products and perfume as this can remove color. Avoid products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids or Retinols as they promote exfoliation.

Avoid long hot showers and baths and scrubbing the skin. If you use a wash cloth, select the softest cloth possible and pat your skin dry after showering. Excessive friction to the skin can fade your tan prematurely.

Chlorine in swimming pools & hot tubs can remove or shorten the lengevity of your tan.

Exercise with care as friction and excess sweat may cause your tan to fade prematurely or unevenly.


For best results use Fantasy Tan's Skin Care Line to maintain your tan. These specially formulated products will help you develop and maintain healthy skin and a gorgeous tan.

Fantasy Tan Skin Care